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Urine Specimen Containers

Include the date and time of specimen collection on each specimen container. Urinalysis Only. Submit a urinalysis preservative tube. Label filled tube with the. Screw Cap • Translucent • (1/2 to 4 @ 1/4 oz.); cc's (20 to @ 10 cc) • Polypropylene / Polyethylene • Sterile • General Purpose Specimen Container. Urine Specimen Containers. Disposable sample collection have standard 4 oz fill capacity and graduations in oz and cc (mL). Leak resistant. Available in. Sterile Screw Top Urine Specimen Containers 4 oz. Item #: CTB. The Amsino 4 oz Urine Speciment container features a sterile inside, a lid, patient label and is packaged individually in a sterile poly pouch.

Description. BD Urine Specimen Container with Integrated Transfer Device Vacutainer® mL (4 oz.) Screw Cap Unprinted Sterile-BD provides proper urine. Urine containers, and the other FL Medical's disposable labware are fully efficient in phase of analysis, thank to their high quality and precision. Specimen cups are used for urinalysis in drug testing, STD screening and pregnancy testing or to detect diseases, Diabetes and issues with the urinary tract. Looking for a urine collecting container that is easy to use and view measurements? Midstream Urine Specimen Collection Container Kit! Shop and save big on specimen container, sterile specimen containers, urine sample cups, and much more! Cascade Healthcare Solutions makes it easy to order. 4oz. Perfect for single-use urine specimen sample collections as well as single-use biological collections. Tamper evident and latex free. current price $ NUOLUX Urine Cup Cups Test Sterile Peetestingsample Disposable Pregnancy Holder Specimen Containers Sampling Ovulation Ph. Add. McKesson. Urine hats are disposable by design to avoid cross-contamination of samples, but if you only need them to measure the urine volume, then it is permissible to. The AMSure® urine specimen cup is sterile, individually packed, and includes a patient label. Browse Medical Supply Group for more urine sample containers. Browse a full range of urine specimen collection products from leading suppliers. Shop now at Fisher Scientific for all of your scientific needs. Amsino Urine Specimen Containers are of value in collecting and transporting specimens to the laboratory, clinic, or physicians office.

Safely store and transport blood, urine, fecal and other specimens using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal and Transport Containers with Caps. These containers. Our line of cups and specimen containers have been specifically designed for the collection of urine specimens. The sizes range from AMSure® 4 oz., leak resistant specimen containers are designed for the collection and safe transport of patient samples. Latex Free, DEHP Free and BPA Free. Application. 24 Hour Urine Specimen Collection Container (24) · Biopsy Bag (8) · Manufacturer Name. McKesson Brand (18) · Brand or Series. McKesson (18) · Usage. Our specimen cups and containers are ideal for the collection and transport of patient samples including urine and sputum. Plastic urine container, made of PP container with leak proof screw cap. Material Specimen Bags · urince transfer device · Urine Collection Kit. Dynarex Specimen Containers are constructed from premium-quality plastic materials for safe and efficient specimen collection. Each Specimen Container comes. General clinical specimen containers may be used to collect, hold, transport, and stabilize general clinical specimens. Streamline specimen collection with Simply Medical's comprehensive solutions. Explore our range, including skin protectant ointments and urine.

Amsimo AMSure Urine Specimen Containers with Screw-on Lid Amsimo AMSure Urine Specimen Containers are made of transparent durable polypropylene and hold 4. Our line of cups and specimen containers have been specifically designed for the collection of urine specimens. Overview for Pro Advantage P Urine Specimen Containers, Sterile. Pro Advantage® Urine Specimen Containers are part of a disposable sample collection. Each. Urine specimen collection cups are used for the collection of urine specimens for laboratory analysis. They are typically made of plastic or glass and have a. Each product can hold the standard 4 oz fill capacity, and has graduations in oz and cc (mL). Containers are leak resistant, non-toxic and latex free. Available.

These sample containers help you organize your testing workflow. Storage of specimens and samples in a laboratory requires careful. Urine Specimen Containers with Screw Caps · These 4 oz. · The caps open and close with one smooth movement, which minimizes the usage of your hand and lower arm. specimens. Urine specimens can be collected using different types of urine collection containers and cups depending on the kind of urine specimen required. Both the cap and cup are autoclavable in a steam autoclave. Our UrineSafe™ collection cups have been tested to 95kPa to ensure you can use them for transport by. These hard plastic containers are specifically designed for the collection and transport of microbiology, urinalysis, and drug testing specimens. specimen containers used for urine collection in medical settings. This letter constitutes OSHA's interpretation only of the requirements discussed and may. Urine Specimen Container Urisafe /2 X /2 X cm With Cap 4 Liter - CONTAINER, URNIE COLLECTOR 24HE 4L W/CAP. This is a specimen container for urine. Its purpose is for collecting a urine sample for use when drug testing. It features a heat-sensitive strip for.

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